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We invite them to know our experience of organization as Children, Girls and Teen Workers - CGTs - in Peru

National Movement of Children, Girls and Teen Workers Organized of Perú-MNNATSOP 
Who are we?
We are the National Movement of Children, Girls and Teen Workers organized of Peru, which gathers and expresses the historical fight of 32 years for the dignity of the children, girls and teen workers (CGTW) of the field and the city, defending our rights and promoting the leading participation of the Peruvian infancy.

We the CGTW from our organized, reflexive and collective experience, we think that the work in if it is neither obligatorily bad nor harmful to our condition of children, girls and teenagers, it depends on the conditions at which one is employed.
Because of it we support a critical valuation of the work, not only of children, girls and teenagers, but of all the young men, adults and women. We do not also agree with that is considered to be a work to: The prostitution, the infantile pornography, the children's traffic. We consider these activities to be crimes against the infancy and adolescence.


In the 70s a great social injustice existed in Peru, one was giving the agrarian reform and the workers in the factories were replaced by the machines.

The young of this time decided to organize but they saw that maybe could create a change of thought in the society; importance of the creation of conscience in the working infancy; because of it from the experience of the Working Christian Youth - JOC there decided to create the Movement of Teenagers and Hard-working Children Children of Workers Cristians-MANTHOC. 
Thanks to the effort of more than 30 organizations of Children, girls and teen workers and institutions Us we constitute in the first Social Movement of Children, Girls and Teenagers in the country, It is so ….

On March 21, 1996, in the Meeting VI CGTw's in Huampani-LIMA - PERÚ, there was the MNNATSOP (National Movement of Children, girls and Teen Organized Workers in Perú).


For the year 2010 a social movement of infancy has been stimulated from CGTw's experience, contributing to the exercise of the full citizenship of the whole Peruvian infancy.
The MNNATSOP is a movement of children, girls and teen workers organized of the perú that  promotes the defense and the exercise of the rights of the infancy and especially of the CGTw for the construction of a society in which the children, girls and teenagers are protagonists and enjoy a full and worthy life.


The movement is based on two objectives and they are:

1.-To defend and to promote the rights of the whole infancy in general.

2.-To defend and to promote the rights of the working infancy.

Who do we form a part of the MNNATSOP?

We form a part of the movement; children, girls and teen workers who value the work, which they are working, or who look for work, which they have worked or do it of eventual form or which they prepare themselves to work.

What does propose the MNNATSOP to the Cgtw?
The value of the organization like instrument or tool in order that the voice and action of the Cgtw has social and representative force. Individually we are weak or fragile, organized we fortify, relating to other organizations of children, girls and teenagers and the civil society.
What characteristics has our CGTw's organization?
- It is directed by us the CGTw
- It is autonomous 
- It has national character 
- It is constituted by local organizations, sub regional and regional. 
- it is opened in his message for the whole infancy and adolescence.

And those who do represent the MNNATSOP?

The national movement is directed, represented and encouraged:

National: For the coordination of national delegates (18 delegates), whose mission is to guarantee the orientation of the nacional movement, organic unit and the development of his national plans of action.
And in addition to regional level and sub regional, we are represented by regional delegates and sub regional respectively.

And the adults what role do they assume in our movement?
The adults are a part of the MNNATSOP, in collaborators' condition. To collaborate means:

-Co - to take up office
-Co - to encourage
-Co - to take part, without substituting nor to supplant the Cgtw. 

Ejercer and to develop his protagonism from the permanent development of the protagonism of the CGTw, nevertheless:

a) They are not representatives of the movement 
b) Are not leaders of the movement 
c) Are neither tutors nor proxies of the Movement.

How are we organized?

MNNATSOP NORTH: Piura and Tumbes
MNNATSOP  CENTRAL NORTH :  Cajamarca, Lambayeque and La Libertad.
MNNATSOP ORIENTAL JUNGLE: Iquitos, Nauta and Requena.
MNNATSOP SIERRA CENTRAL: Huancayo, Huancavelica and Ayacucho.
MNNATSOP SOUTH: Apurimac, Arequipa, Cuzco, Puno and Tacna.

Of what movements or networks are we a part?

- Nacional national level: CGT's National Network (Children, Girls and Teenagers) of Peru. 
- Worldwide international level: Latin-American Network of Children, Girls and Teenagers for theirs rights. MOLACNATS (Latin-American Movement and of the Carib of Children and Teen Workers). 

Those who do support our formation?
INFANT : Institute of Formation of Teenagers and working Children -NAGAYAMA NORIO

IFEJANT : Institute of Formation For Educators Of Youngs , Teenagers and working Children of Latin America and the Caribean.







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